"LinkedIn: Maximizing Your Job Search Success”, Terry Sullivan, March 16, 2023

Are you 100% confident your LinkedIn Profile is the best it can be?

Questions on how to more effectively use the #1 tool used by recruiters?

A strong LinkedIn profile makes you stand out from the crowd and helps you be found faster and easier by potential employers.

Staying ahead of the multiple, ongoing changes that LinkedIn routinely makes is challenging.

Let Terry Sullivan, a certified, professional LinkedIn trainer help you out with expert knowledge, saving you time and making you much more effective in using LinkedIn.

Join us on March 16th @ 10:40 AM in Rawlins Lecture Hall on White’s Chapel Methodist Church campus  to hear Terry Sullivan, a nationally recognized “LinkedIn Savant”.

This powerful 50-minute session will be packed with actionable tips and useful insights to help you be much more productive during your career transition.

Terry Sullivan is the founder of BuzzPro, a nationally recognized Digital Branding and Social Selling training company. He gives more than 100 LinkedIn training presentations a year and has trained more than 17,000 clients across the nation on how to create a unique online brand that gets results.

You will be on your way before noon. This session is currently planned to be simulcast online via Zoom, the link is below:

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