"Maximizing the Power of LinkedIn During Job Search”, Terry Sullivan, September 16, 2021

Strengthening your LinkedIn profile is best way to maximize the power of the #1 tool that recruiters and hiring managers use to find great candidates and new employees.

This powerful 60-minute In Person session by Terry Sullivan, a nationally recognized “Guru of LinkedIn”, will be packed with useful insights and actionable tips to help you be more effective and successful during career transition.

Terry Sullivan is the founder of BuzzPro, a nationally recognized Digital Branding and Social Selling training company. He gives more than 100 LinkedIn training presentations a year and has trained more than 17,000 clients across the nation on how to create a unique online brand that gets results.


“Social Media in Job Search", August 26, 2021, Gail Houston 

Social Media can be a great tool in your Job Search plans IF you do it correctly.

Gail is a recognized expert in Social Media, having led Intuit's Social Media efforts for many years. She formalized Intuit's Right Talent Social Media Strategy, created a 6-week social media bootcamp and became the voice of Intuit Careers for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Slideshare.

She is a featured and regular speaker at Recruiting Industry meetings and is Co-founder of the Crossroads Career Transition Workshop which is now held at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, with over 20,000 applicants trained on how to be more effective in their job search.


"First Impressions: Resumes that Work in Getting You Back to Work", July 8, 2021, Bob Wyatt and Scott Olson

- Do you know the three items in your resume you should delete?
- How about the three items not in your resume that you should add?

Creating resumes that are concise, accurate and targeted toward each open position are critical in helping a job seeker effectively market themselves to secure their new position.

This interactive workshop will be led by Bob Wyatt and Scott Olson, long term mentors and leaders of the Career Transition Workshop (CTW) that meets at White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake.

Bob and Scott are seasoned business professionals who have made successful career transitions of their own and have adapted the CTW program over 16+ years to meet ongoing technical and networking changes in the employment market. They have very successfully assisted hundreds of job seekers to find new opportunities in multiple industries.


“Networking Tips and Techniques”, June 24, 2021, Charlie Zinger 

To maximize your job search success, it just makes sense to learn and practice the most effective and most proven way to find and land your next job, which is Networking. Charlie Zinger will be speaking on “Networking Tips and Techniques” to refresh your understanding and learn new ways to effectively practice Networking.

Charlie Zinger began his Corporate Recruiting career more than 40 years ago and has led Staffing Departments for EDS, ACS, Concentra and DynCorp's LOGCAP IV Program.  He also spent ten years in Operations with EDS as a Vice President in their Call Center/Help Desk Business Unit, the last three years based and living in Europe. 

He has been a Vice President with CMP (Career Management Partners) the last eleven years as a Job Search Assistance Coach/Career Consultant.  He's been a SFG member for 17 years and on the SFG Leadership Team since 2010.

“Winning the Interview”, Kevin Kiley, May 27, 2021

Finding your next great career role is hard work. Getting an Interview scheduled is a big step forward. Now what? To be successful in the Interview, you need planning, preparation, and a playbook to help you get an offer.

Kevin is Dallas-Fort Worth based Career Coach who serves clients all over the U.S. He has conducted thousands of candidate interviews and reviewed thousands of applications, both as a hiring manager and as an independent coach over a 20+ years.

Kevin is the founder of Career Road Map and Grad School Road Map and holds multiple certifications in career coaching and leadership coaching, including the Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation.


“Winning the Game in the Face of Change”,  Krish Dhanam, April 22, 2021

Within the past 12 months, the amount of change and disruption we have experienced is off the charts, increasing stress and uncertaincy in knowing how to effectively deal with the pressure of unrelenting change.

Krish Dhanam, world renown speaker, motivator, author and corporate trainer, has delivered his message of hope, humor and balance in seventy five countries on six continents and worked for many years with the legendary motivator Zig Ziglar, as the Vice President of Global Operations for that organization.

Krish has authored several books, and has won accolades from his many global clients, some of which are American Airlines, The United States Army, Etihad Airways, Christian Dior, Marriott Hotels, Cadbury Schweppes, Hitachi Consulting, Ryan, EDS, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Pepsico, Enterprise Rent a Car and Energizer Batteries.