“Spark Talks” are concise 15-20 minute dialogs on relevant Job Search info designed to ignite your next step in career transition followed by a Q & A session of 15-20 minutes.  

All sessions will end in less than 50 minutes.

July 28, 2022     Identifying Target Companies    10:40 AM    Rawlins Lecture Hall

Working towards your next job is a job in itself.  It just makes sense to work as efficiently and quickly as possible to land your new role.

Identifying and Targeting the right companies will help maximize your job search efforts.

Join us IN PERSON July 28th at 10:40 AM in Rawlins Lecture Hall to learn about:

  • Why Target Companies
  • Free access to a huge database of Company information
  • Live demonstration of selecting / filtering company info
  • Developing potential networking contacts at Target Companies

Mike Ray, Southlake Focus Group Leadership Team member will be leading this session. He has presented this topic many times to a wide a variety of audiences and will have an informal 15-to-20-minute Q & A session after his 15-to-20-minute opening comments.