The Southlake Focus Group was originally founded to provide networking opportunities for those in career transition. Over the years, we have added various workshops and resources, with networking remaining our primary objective.


We offer a broad portfolio of career transition resources, including job postings, HR focused support and weekly in-person job announcements across many industries and skill sets to help you get back in the workforce just as fast as possible.


Workshops and training sessions are offered on a rotating schedule that includes Job Search 101 Tips, LinkedIn Best Practices, Informational Interviewing and Special Guest Speakers providing relevant, topical information.

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A Time for Everything....

For some, career transition is a scary time, not exactly knowing when the next paycheck is on the way. For others, it can be a time to reflect, think and plan on the time you have been given and what you will do with it. Wherever you may be on that continuum, we offer encouragement and support to help along the way.

H.O.P.E. = Helping One Person Everyday

Finding your next great career role is often all about how you purpose to help others during your time in career transition. We consistently see and hear how H.O.P.E. makes a genuine difference in people's lives, even after they land in their new role. Come see for yourself how it works.



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