Thank you for sharing job leads and additional job search related information with the Southlake Focus Group (SFG). Part of our success depends upon a consistent sharing of quality job leads and meaningful information for new career opportunities.

The Southlake Focus Group is a DFW focused networking organization for professionals in career transition. Our primary purpose is to provide a private, member-focused forum for people in an active job search to gain relevant information for a new or better career opportunity as quickly as possible.

SFG is NOT a forum for garage sale bulletins, personal websites or blogs, free puppies or kittens, Girl Scout Cookies, or other announcements that do not directly benefit the job seeker.

Please use utmost discretion before sending an email to the entire Southlake Focus Group Google Group with anything that might be perceived as less than 100% job search related.  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

As you encounter job leads or useful information that you want to share with the group, please follow our SFG POSTING GUIDELINES as described below.

SFG Google Group members can post jobs to our private Google Group. 

Non-members of SFG can post jobs to our website on the Jobs Tab. 


Promoting Multi-Level Marketing programs, Soliciting for Business Development, or Selling of any kind is not permitted.

(1) Major job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, etc.)

Posting job leads pulled from the major job boards is redundant. Please do not post job leads that have been pulled from the major job boards. Also, if you run across a JOB LEAD on a company web site and have no details regarding the appropriate contact or additional insight on the role, please do not forward to SFG, as anyone with that target company will already be aware of that information.

(2) Be clear on the SUBJECT LINE of the job lead or request

For Job Leads, the subject line should begin with OPENING: (ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and a COLON) then followed by position title, name of the company, and location of the position. For example:

OPENING: Tax Accountant, Raytheon, Dallas
OPENING: Project Manager, 6-month contract, Los Angeles

Other SUBJECT LINE examples:

LANDING: Susan Miller has joined ABC Company in Dallas

CONTACT: Texas Instruments, Dallas, IT Department

MEETING: Entrepreneur Interest Group, 10/7 @ 1 pm

JOB FAIR: First American Corporation, 3/25 @ 1 – 4 pm, FREE

RESOURCE: SQL Server User Group, 2/20 @ 8:30 am, (4 Saturdays)

QUESTION: How do I join the SFG Google Group?

Please check the FAQs Tab before sending a question, as the most frequently asked questions have already been answered.

Also, please include your name and email address in the body of the email.

(3) Information to include in JOB LEADS

Please ensure the following information is included in each job lead:

  • Your name and email address in the body of the email, so we know who to thank
  • Contact information for the recruiter or hiring manager (Name, email address, telephone number, address, and website, e.g., as much info as possible)
  • Company Name, Location, City, State for the position
  • Compensation and benefit information if known
  • Specific instructions on applying for the position when applicable
  • Full job description

(4) JOB LEADS should be sent as embedded messages rather than attachments

Please copy and paste the JOB LEAD info into the body of the email and not as an attachment. This will make it much easier for the Job Seeker and the hundreds of recipients who will receive the job leads you share.

Thank you for your continued support of the Southlake Focus Group!