November 7, 2020

The Southlake Focus Group (SFG) will be providing our Opening Session, Job Search Jumpstart and Networking sessions, IN PERSON beginning November 12, 2020…all designed with current health precautions and social distancing in mind.

The REQUIREMENTS listed below, including all In Person Meeting Procedures and Protocols, are MANDATORY…THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL.

  1. Face masks must be worn
  2. Temperature check at door, if 100 degrees, entry denied
  3. Food of any kind is not allowed
  4. Open drink containers prohibited (bottled water, covered coffee OK)
  5. Check In via Text Message (must include Full Name, Email)
  6. Social Distancing of 6 feet, no hand shaking
  7. Contact information shared via phones, no business cards
  8. Intermingling (small group or one on one) in common areas is prohibited
  9. Bring your own Name Badge (First & Last Name), Pen and Notebook
  10. No drinks provided at WCUMC including drinking fountains, coffee bar, soft drink machines