What is the Southlake Focus Group all about?

The Southlake Focus Group is an independent, nondenominational networking group for professionals in career transition. Southlake Focus Group exists to support all job seekers during their job search at no charge. We practice H.O.P.E. (Helping One Person Everyday) by providing encouragement, motivation, tools, and resources to get you back into the workforce as fast as possible.

Who should attend the Southlake Focus Group?

We are a professional career transition-based networking group that is open to all job titles and job functions, including C suite, mid-management, first-level managers, and recent college graduates. Our members come from all across the DFW area, including Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and Collin counties. Each week you will have the opportunity to interact and network with people from a broad cross-section of how a company is actually organized. In fact, given available funding, a new company could be started with the skill set and talent present in our weekly meetings.

When does the Southlake Focus Group meet?

We meet every Thursday morning at White's Chapel Methodist Church in Southlake, Texas. We encourage people to arrive around 7:30 AM to get settled in, grab a cup of coffee and start informal networking before the Opening Session begins promptly at 8:00 AM. Our structured meeting wraps up at 10:30 AM and a rotating schedule of Special Guests and Workshops begin at 10:45 AM and end before Noon.

Where does the Southlake Focus Group meet?

We meet at White's Chapel Methodist Church, located at 185 S White Chapel Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092. White's Chapel graciously provides outstanding facilities and excellent support in helping us aid those in career transition.

Where do I park and where do I go once I arrive?

Please park in the East Parking Lot and enter the building through the large "Welcome" entrance.  We meet in Evans Hall on your right once inside. Parking and On-site directions are available by clicking here.

I have never visited the Southlake Focus Group before, what do I need to do?

There is no need to register or sign up prior to attending your first time, just arrive around 7:30 AM so our helpful volunteers can walk you through Check In.

What should I wear to the meeting?

We encourage our members to remember they are always on an interview while in job search and as such, should act and dress accordingly. We consider our sessions business meetings, and job openings are often presented by recruiters, company representatives, and HR executives in person. It is very likely that you will have the opportunity to meet with them one on one, so come dressed for success!

What should I bring to the meeting?

A smile and a helpful attitude are always welcome and business cards with your contact information are important. Business cards can be inexpensively bought on-line or through local office supplies stores. A portfolio or similar note pad item is very helpful in capturing important information.

How much does the Southlake Focus Group charge for the services you provide to those in career transition?

Zero. Nada. Nil. While we do not charge for our services, the value we offer to our members is very high. We offer an abundance of job opportunities, career transition / job search info, comprehensive orientation sessions, career transition tips and training, and of course, networking. The strength of the value we offer is seen in the ongoing support that our Alumni actively contribute towards our mission.

How do you announce job openings / career opportunities at the Southlake Focus Group?

We welcome individuals / companies / recruiters with job openings and career opportunities to visit us each Thursday. We have a set time on our meeting agenda for you to provide a brief overview of the opening and if you like, meet one on one with prospective candidates. If you are a job announcer, please make sure to check in with our Announcement Table up front upon arrival to ensure you meet our guidelines. We also have member restricted access to our private Google Group for posting job details. We do not post or announce Multi-Level Marketing and 100% Commission roles.

This group is awesome, how do I join?

  • Be an active job seeker
  • Attend Job Search Jumpstart
  • Complete Survey Monkey questionnaire
  • Share or get a Google Gmail account (SFG Google Group / Member Files access)
  • Attend at least 2 Networking Sessions in addition to Job Search Jumpstart within 6 weeks
  • Accept Invite to join SFG Google Group via the Gmail address previously provided
  • You're in!

What can I expect at a Southlake Focus Group meeting?

Our weekly meetings include three distinctive segments: Opening Session, Job Search Jumpstart and Networking. Additionally, periodic Special Events offer insightful and relevant presentations for job seekers.

Our Opening Session is the key to unlocking the full value of the Southlake Focus Group (SFG). Here you can see H.O.P.E. in action!

We encourage people to arrive around 7:30 AM to get settled in and begin informal networking.

Beginning promptly at 8 AM with prayer, we launch into that day's activities and provide a forum for Employers and Recruiters to share Job Openings and later to meet One on One with potential candidates.

We love to celebrate the success of our members! Those who have landed at new roles have the opportunity to share their good news and thank those who have helped them along in their job search journey.

And for those working to land their next role, we offer them the opportunity to ask for insight and contacts at one of their targeted companies.

Additionally, there are meeting segments dedicated to practical job search tips and encouragement for Job Seekers.

First-time guests attend a comprehensive orientation session called SFG Job Search Jumpstart, which provides a wealth of information regarding their next steps.

The heart of SFG is Networking which begins after our Opening Session. Year after year, we see that Networking is the best and most proven way to land your next role.

Our Networking sessions deliver multiple benefits, particularly to those attending IN PERSON:

  • Deeper Collaboration within a community of people
  • Stronger Encouragement for your personal job search journey
  • Enhanced Opportunities to build relationships
  • Improved Confidence in articulating your unique value to employers
  • More Effective in finding your next role

When the formal networking sessions end at 10:30 AM, we offer a series of rotating sessions designed specifically for those in career transition.